Still here!

Ugggh! It has been a few weeks since I have posted and it’s been eating me up inside. When I don’t post, I tend to fall off track (read: gained the five pounds I had lost back!). Too many weekend parties and lazy summer afternoons! I am back though, and started my regime with a 6km power walk this morning and some healthy breakfast and lunch choices.

Rachie and Andrew’s weeding is five and a half weeks away and I am still sure that I can be down 15lbs by then. That being said, I have already picked up my dress and it looks fantastic! It actually needs to be taken in on the top, which is unheard of in my world! 😉

In the past couple of weeks, I have discovered a new love of greek yogurt (with a little honey drizzled in it!), and have started prepping meals for three days in advance. We’ll see how this goes!

As for my 6km walk… everyday! It is going to be everyday. Online calorie calculators have put a person at my weight between 325 and 450 calories burned for 6, 11minute kms. I am going to say its about 370… any feedback on this would be great!

Off to shower and make dinner!

Updates soon!


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From Great to Bad… but it’s all okay!

So my weekend was amazing! Headed up to Haliburton forest and out of four sites on our lake we were the only ones up this weekend! Read: An entire lake to ourselves!! Still giddy!

The weekend started out amazing! I stepped on the scale on Friday morning and what to my wondering eyes should appear?! A ONE at the beginning og my weight! I haven’t seen one of those at the start of my weight in over five months! From 204.8 down to 199.6 in 4 days!! AMAZING!!

My weight was amazing, the weather was spectacular, the healthy food was awesome, there may have been a few drinks consumed and great friends all the way around.

Did I mention the weather was spectacular?! Too spectacular in fact. Major sunburn to my thighs and minor sunburns on my chest and shoulders. It has made for a rough week. Pretty painful and hard to walk!

I know to never weigh myself on Monday mornings after a weekend away, so I waited until this morning. Stepped on the scale and a horrific number appeared! 208.6lbs! Up 9 pounds from Friday morning’s weigh in. Impossible I thought. A pound is typically equivilent to 3500 calories! I may have had a couple of beer and a Tostito or two, but no where near the approximate 31500 extra calories I would have had to eat to gain 9 pounds in four days!!

Naturally, I burst into tears and swore I was destined to be gigantic forever! After pouting for hours, my mom and I finally looked up sunburns and weight gain correlations. It’s the only thing I could think of! Low and behold, numerous articles about people gaining between 4 and ten pounds after a super crappy sunburn! One site even went as far as to say, stay off the scale for up to a week after the burn! A dehydrated body will store tons of water while it repairs itself. My legs are pretty swollen and red!

So, an amazing weekend, to a Tuesday morning scale disaster, to a great sunburn discovery! I guess I won’t be weighing myself until closer to the end of the week and next weekend… SUNSCREEN!

Aloe time!

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I know I promised that these would go up before last weekend, but getting ready for camping took over my entire day. Putting these up is a hard thing for me to do. Letting people into this part of my life hasn’t always been my favourite thing to do, but what the hey… lets do it!

This picture was taken on Canada Day this year. I cannot wait for these clothes to be way to big!

This picture is from the end of August 2010. Old yes, but looks pretty much exactly like me now. This is the picture that motivated me to lose 22lbs in 2010. I have gained it all back with an extra two pounds. Motivation for this time!

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Pickles and Stewed Tomatoes!

You’re probably wondering what my birthday dinner was like last night. It was amazing! Nothing like awesome Chinese take-out. I didn’t feel the least bit guilty. I even had a beer! This morning it was right back to journaling and healthy choices.

Day two has been surpisingly easy! So easy in fact that I had a hard time eating enough calories. No breakfast, (smack me!) probably had something to do with that! Babysitting tonight had me eating dinner at 4:30, which means by 9:00 I was chewing my arm off, but some cherry tomatoes and a pickle subsided that hunger.

I have a very strategic routine for weighing myself! It consists of getting on the scale right after I get up, before anything goes in my mouth and post bathroom break! The evening is never a good idea and Mondays are even worse! The weight I was at Monday morning was 204.8, and this morning…. 201.0!!! Down 3.8 pounds in 2 days?! WTF?! I know, you fluctuate, but this is just the motivation I needed! So excited and I cannot wait to see a 1 at the beginning of my weight.

I think that my saviors are going to be pickles and stewed tomatoes! I love, love, love stewed tomatoes and will often shred some chicken into it. I eat them on their own or over pasta with other vegetables mixed in. Pickles are a great quick snack!

My challenge over the next few days will be preparing decent food choices for this weekend’s camping trip. I am thinking lots of veggies, watermelon, pears, lean meats for over the fire and tons of water, between other beverages of course! I will have to remind myself of my goals when the smores come out! Yikes! Any meal ideas you guys have would be awesome!

I will definitely get pictures up before the weekend! Sorry they didn’t go up today!

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Happy Birthday to Me!!!

July 17th 1985…. a skinny, screaming child is born! Flash forward 27 years… a chubby, smiling woman is anticipating Chinese food and cake for her birthday dinner!

Not exactly the way most would start a weight loss blog, but you only turn 27 once, and I have eaten like a Saint all day knowing what was coming this evening. In my family, the birthday girl/boy chooses dinner. And while I am kicking off my weight loss journey today, I refuse to treat this like a last supper!!

I WILL continue to eat amazing food for the rest of my life, I just need to work on giving myself a limit instead of allowing for as much as my tastebuds desire! Damn tastebuds! They have run my life for, well, my whole life. I love food! All kinds, from all places and it has given me nights with great friends, a love of exploration in the kitchen and an extra fifty pounds!

Yup…. I said it out loud! 50 POUNDS!!

Jokes over, it’s time to get rid of the extra weight. For good!

I can’t wait to blog my way through this journey and along the way make some friends, have some laughs and probably shed a tear or two.

I am off to get ready for chicken balls and chowmein! I am going to post some before pictures after dinner tonight!

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The Skinny Emcee!

Rachie and Andrew's Wedding!September 29th, 2012
10 weeks and four days until one of my best friends walks down the aisle! Not only has she asked me to be a bridesmaid, the amazing couple have given me the honour of MCing the big day! Hello picture memories! 15 pounds in 10 weeks! Totally do-able! Here we go!

The Big One!

Reaching My Goal Weight!July 17th, 2013
365 days to shed 50 pounds! Setting out on the adventure of a lifetime!

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