Pickles and Stewed Tomatoes!

July 19, 2012 at 3:40 am Leave a comment

You’re probably wondering what my birthday dinner was like last night. It was amazing! Nothing like awesome Chinese take-out. I didn’t feel the least bit guilty. I even had a beer! This morning it was right back to journaling and healthy choices.

Day two has been surpisingly easy! So easy in fact that I had a hard time eating enough calories. No breakfast, (smack me!) probably had something to do with that! Babysitting tonight had me eating dinner at 4:30, which means by 9:00 I was chewing my arm off, but some cherry tomatoes and a pickle subsided that hunger.

I have a very strategic routine for weighing myself! It consists of getting on the scale right after I get up, before anything goes in my mouth and post bathroom break! The evening is never a good idea and Mondays are even worse! The weight I was at Monday morning was 204.8, and this morning…. 201.0!!! Down 3.8 pounds in 2 days?! WTF?! I know, you fluctuate, but this is just the motivation I needed! So excited and I cannot wait to see a 1 at the beginning of my weight.

I think that my saviors are going to be pickles and stewed tomatoes! I love, love, love stewed tomatoes and will often shred some chicken into it. I eat them on their own or over pasta with other vegetables mixed in. Pickles are a great quick snack!

My challenge over the next few days will be preparing decent food choices for this weekend’s camping trip. I am thinking lots of veggies, watermelon, pears, lean meats for over the fire and tons of water, between other beverages of course! I will have to remind myself of my goals when the smores come out! Yikes! Any meal ideas you guys have would be awesome!

I will definitely get pictures up before the weekend! Sorry they didn’t go up today!

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Happy Birthday to Me!!! PICTURES!!!

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