From Great to Bad… but it’s all okay!

July 25, 2012 at 1:10 am Leave a comment

So my weekend was amazing! Headed up to Haliburton forest and out of four sites on our lake we were the only ones up this weekend! Read: An entire lake to ourselves!! Still giddy!

The weekend started out amazing! I stepped on the scale on Friday morning and what to my wondering eyes should appear?! A ONE at the beginning og my weight! I haven’t seen one of those at the start of my weight in over five months! From 204.8 down to 199.6 in 4 days!! AMAZING!!

My weight was amazing, the weather was spectacular, the healthy food was awesome, there may have been a few drinks consumed and great friends all the way around.

Did I mention the weather was spectacular?! Too spectacular in fact. Major sunburn to my thighs and minor sunburns on my chest and shoulders. It has made for a rough week. Pretty painful and hard to walk!

I know to never weigh myself on Monday mornings after a weekend away, so I waited until this morning. Stepped on the scale and a horrific number appeared! 208.6lbs! Up 9 pounds from Friday morning’s weigh in. Impossible I thought. A pound is typically equivilent to 3500 calories! I may have had a couple of beer and a Tostito or two, but no where near the approximate 31500 extra calories I would have had to eat to gain 9 pounds in four days!!

Naturally, I burst into tears and swore I was destined to be gigantic forever! After pouting for hours, my mom and I finally looked up sunburns and weight gain correlations. It’s the only thing I could think of! Low and behold, numerous articles about people gaining between 4 and ten pounds after a super crappy sunburn! One site even went as far as to say, stay off the scale for up to a week after the burn! A dehydrated body will store tons of water while it repairs itself. My legs are pretty swollen and red!

So, an amazing weekend, to a Tuesday morning scale disaster, to a great sunburn discovery! I guess I won’t be weighing myself until closer to the end of the week and next weekend… SUNSCREEN!

Aloe time!

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PICTURES!!! Still here!

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