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Still here!

Ugggh! It has been a few weeks since I have posted and it’s been eating me up inside. When I don’t post, I tend to fall off track (read: gained the five pounds I had lost back!). Too many weekend parties and lazy summer afternoons! I am back though, and started my regime with a 6km power walk this morning and some healthy breakfast and lunch choices.

Rachie and Andrew’s weeding is five and a half weeks away and I am still sure that I can be down 15lbs by then. That being said, I have already picked up my dress and it looks fantastic! It actually needs to be taken in on the top, which is unheard of in my world! 😉

In the past couple of weeks, I have discovered a new love of greek yogurt (with a little honey drizzled in it!), and have started prepping meals for three days in advance. We’ll see how this goes!

As for my 6km walk… everyday! It is going to be everyday. Online calorie calculators have put a person at my weight between 325 and 450 calories burned for 6, 11minute kms. I am going to say its about 370… any feedback on this would be great!

Off to shower and make dinner!

Updates soon!


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The Skinny Emcee!

Rachie and Andrew's Wedding!September 29th, 2012
10 weeks and four days until one of my best friends walks down the aisle! Not only has she asked me to be a bridesmaid, the amazing couple have given me the honour of MCing the big day! Hello picture memories! 15 pounds in 10 weeks! Totally do-able! Here we go!

The Big One!

Reaching My Goal Weight!July 17th, 2013
365 days to shed 50 pounds! Setting out on the adventure of a lifetime!

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