Oh Boy! A blog bio is not what I thought I would be doing on the afternoon of my 27th birthday, but here I am. Life is nearly perfect! I have an amazing family, wonderful boyfriend, the best friends that anyone could ask for and one foot solidly planted in a career that I love! Of course there are always bills, crazy hours, and a to-do list a mile long, but life is generally grand!

That being said, there is always something that can be improved and for me… it’s my weight, and ultimately my health. This means blog bio on my 27th birthday!

I grew up on a farm, with hard working parents and two hilarious brothers. Everyday was spent from dawn till dusk outside, running like a maniac over 180acres. As a kid, climbing trees and scrambling around the barn kept me active. Like a typical teenager, my days of climbing in trees dwindled and MuchMusic took over, but my love of softball and volleyball kept me active and within a healthy weight range. Training as much as I did, I ate whatever I wanted. Everything balanced itself out. So what’s the problem you ask?….

Now, at 27, my activity level consists of slo-pitch on Thursdays, and, well…. that’s it! The problem compounds in that I LOVE FOOD! I crave steamy pasta sauce, juicy chicken, cheezy pizza, red and orange peppers, buffalo hot sauce…. crap! Now I’m hungry! I still eat as much as I did when I was doing 2-a-days, with a 75 minute gym class during third period. Not so blanced anymore and my body is the proof!

At 5′ 6″ and 202lbs, enough is enough! Even when I was smaller, I was never happy with the way that I looked. I would constantly put myself down, and wish for change. Looking back, I see those pictures and realize that body is exactly what I want! What was I thinking?! Teengers! Geez!

I am a natural born procrastinator, and weight loss is what I put off most. Typically shy and when it comes to body image, very private, but after a lot of thought, I have decided that a blog may be the answer. This blog creates a great deal of accountability… no one wants to post months of fat pictures in a row! Yuck!

I am determined! I am worth it! I am capable!

150 & STRONG!!!… I will be there!


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